community, learning, and fun for Asheville-area homeschool students and their parents

 The Asheville Homeschool Co-op was founded in 2004.  It involves 20 to 30 homeschooling families working together to create a day of community fun and learning for our kids and ourselves. All participants are actively involved in making Co-op a success by serving as teachers and assistants, as well as performing other support and clean-up duties.


What does a normal co-op day look like?

What classes are offered?

Who teaches classes?

Do I have to teach?

How do kids sign up for classes?

How do we join?



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Already a member?

If you have already been accepted as a co-op member, you can use the buttons below to pay membership dues and access the class registeration system. Please do not pay until your membership has been accepted! Please include your name as a note when paying.  THIS IS A NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT.


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Who can join co-op? back to top

Any Asheville-area homeschooling family whose oldest child is at least 5 years old, and who has attended a social event and talked with a current member, is welcome to join the waiting list for the next Co-op session. Admission to the co-op depends on availability of a space within our maximum membership.

When and where does co-op meet? back to top    

AHC meets on Mondays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM in West Asheville. Each co-op session lasts 9 weeks, and we offer a spring and fall session each year.

How much does co-op cost?

Co-op costs $100 per family per semester. Limited, partial scholarships are available.

What does a normal day look like at co-op?
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Each session includes a morning class, an hour lunch/play break, and an afternoon class.

Who teaches classes?
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Classes are taught by parent volunteers, who come up with the ideas, create a class description, and enter it into our online class management system.

What if I don’t want to teach this session?
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Parents who aren’t teaching a class help out as assistants, clean-up crew, lunch monitors, and other needed jobs.

How do kids sign up for classes?
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After all class offerings are in place, the kids can sign up for their choice of morning and afternoon class using our online registration system.

What classes do you offer? 
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Each session, we can offer up to 11 classes each period, giving kids in most age groups a choice of three or more classes each period. The class offerings are limited only by imagination and parent willingness, and are typically a mixture of academic, craft, and fun offerings. Past classes include:


Spy Academy Improv Acting

Computer Programming

Stock Market
Books and Baking Paper Crafts Mythical Creatures Art Masterpieces Mold Making
Chemistry Sign Language Photography Role Playing Games Ballet
Stop Motion Animation Knitting Gingerbread Houses Science of Bugs Lewis and Clark
Wonders of the Ancient World  Toymaking Pokemon Math Fun  Human Anatomy





How do we join? back to top

Each family who joins co-op must attend a social event and have talked about joining co-op with a current member. We have found this to be the best way for new members to have a successful first session of co-op. To get to know current members, join us at any of our schedules events or talk to our membership coordinator about setting up a park day. Then, just fill out the new member form on this page or contact our membership coordinator.

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Fill out the membership form below to be placed on co-op's waiting list. We will make sure you know about all our upcoming activities so you can meet our members. Our membership coordinator will be in touch at least a month before co-op starts. In the meantime, if you have any questions email Note: please enter ALL children who will be coming with you to co-op, even babies. Welcome to co-op!